iHomeServer 2 - Release Notes

BETAS: BETA - 27 December 2011 - initial beta release:

  • Slick User Interface - view Watch Folders, status of indexing, track data, review Cover Art, etc
  • Native integration with the WHS Management Console - support for both Windows Home Server v1 and Windows Home Server 2011
  • View your whole iTunes library and playlists directly within the Windows Home Server Console!
  • Standalone GUI Console for non-WHS Windows editions 
  • Native 64-bit code on appropriate Operating Systems (inc WHS 2011)
  • Manual rescanning of folders or files on demand through the User Interface
  • Different scan modes - watch, poll or manual - available per Watch Folder
  • Essential iTunes playlist management from within the console (inc within the WHS Management Console) - add/remove tracks from playlists, create/delete playlists, etc
  • Metadata editing of iTunes tracks - just like the 'Get Info' button within iTunes
  • Improved set up process - including validating that iTunes or QuickTime is installed
  • Automatic iHomeServer upgrade checking (optional)

2.1.13 BETA - 02 January 2011 - Minor update for bug fixes:

ID Bug/Feature Description
1001 Bug UpdateCacheFileFromTrack was not updating artwork, therefore artwork changes did not get reflected in Console GUI
1002 Bug SetArtworkFromImage did not support null artwork; now it does so user can clear artwork
1003 Bug Was not setting text fields to blank if they were not set in the cached file
1004 Bug The fom was not showing the correct data on form load; it showed data for thelast item in the combo
1005 Bug Cancel button didn't close form
1006 Feature Allow pasting of images into Metadata
1007 Feature Allow changing name of track if single track
1009 Bug sorted genres list
1010 Bug Crash on setting genres data
1011 Feature SetArtworkFromImage sometimes gets given huge images by iTunes.  Added option to downscale these over a threshold
1012 Bug Apply and Close buttons didn't do anything
1013 Bug Not obvious when trial has expired, needs a control with ability to register directly
1016 Bug Forcing rescan of a full watched folder did not trigger a rescan
1018 Bug Once you have registered, iHomeServer should auto-start
1019 Bug HostingControl links to Settings button doesn't do anything on WHSv1
1020 Bug If iTunes was already running, service will never start properly; now kills iTunes on start
1021 Bug Pausing would kill the timer so that license checking stopped.  Changed logic so that the timer always runs, but that when paused nothing interesting happens
1022 Bug Counts were not updating after rescanning watch folders
1023 Bug WatchFolderManager.UpdateCounts - too slow, rewritten to use db
1024 Bug Not obvious that users should double click folders to see their contents
1025 Bug Was not setting track type on metadata change
1026 Bug Freeze when installing service - progress bar
1028 Bug MSI Updating was not working properly; All updates are now Major Updates.  WHS2011 install will force a major update to work.  Existing beta users will receive an error on their next install saying the service cannot be started (hit Ignore and install will continue)

2.1.14 BETA - 02 January 2011 - Minor update for bug fixes:

ID Bug/Feature Description
1008 Bug Timeout on restarting server - this was due to digitally signing the iHomeServer.exe file.  Certificate revocation checks were timing out the service controller.  Resolved.

2.1.15 BETA - 03 January 2011 - Stability improvements, particularly when modifying / playing from playlists.  Fixed potential looping when compressing cover art.