iHomeServer for iTunes Release available for pre-release download

iHomeServer for iTunes Release is now available for pre-release download, with the following new features:


1. Compatibility with Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 Essentials

2. Compatibility with Handbrake 1.0 and later versions (the Handbrake CLI output changed between beta and release versions)

3. Compatibility with iTunes 12.5.5 including native 64-bit version (no need to use the iTunes for Older Graphics Card version)

4. Removed need for QuickTime during installation

6. Automated download of Handbrake CLI if not detected on the system.


The update is available for users with an active support subscription from our download site:


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3/8/2017 3:54:36 PM #

edward stewart

FYI - change log for this release available here:


- 0000347: [Handbrake Conversions] Handbrake CLI is no longer bundled with the main Handbrake download. Autodownload of the CLI is a useful enhancement (bizmodeller) - resolved.
- 0000346: [Handbrake Conversions] Handbrake 1.0 and later do not work with iHomeServer (bizmodeller) - resolved.
- 0000345: [Core] iHomeServer needs to support Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 Essentials (bizmodeller) - resolved.
- 0000344: [iTunes Compatibility] Dependency on QuickTime must be removed (bizmodeller) - resolved.
- 0000343: [iTunes Compatibility] iHomeServer requires use of the 64-bit version of iTunes for Older Graphics Cards (bizmodeller) - resolved.
- 0000342: [Metadata] TV Series search has a max value of 100 for the series selection. This is insufficient as some series use years as their season (bizmodeller) - resolved.
- 0000340: [iTunes Compatibility] importing videos (bizmodeller) - resolved.

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