How to run iHomeServer for iTunes as a non admin user

When you install iHome Server for iTunes, you specify the user account under which you wish iTunes to run.  Of course, you can use your normal Windows account to do this, in which case, when prompted, just enter your account name in the form COMPUTERNAME\USERNAME, eg: WIN7-COMPUTER\Joe.Bloggs Enter your Windows logon password, or if you don't, leave the password fields blank. However, it makes sense to set up a brand new user to act as your system iTunes account.  In this case, follow these steps which are applicable to Windows 7.  If you are using a different operating system, then there may be minor variations: 1. Go to the "Computer Management" applet which you can find under Control Panel / Administrative Tools:      2. Create a new user account for your iTunes Home Server, specifying a password.  Ensure you uncheck 'user must change password on next logon' and make the account's password never expire:   3. Now comes the tricky bit.  D... [More]