When is version 3 of iHomeServer being released?

We are just finalising the user guide and adding support for streaming of your iTunes music and videos to additional DLNA devices (more brands of TVs). So version 3 of iHomeServer will be available to everyone within a couple of weeks. Just to remind you of the key new features in iHomeServer version 3: Automatic ripping of DVD into your iTunes library Update your iTunes metadata on any device Streaming of your iTunes music and videos using DLNA to Smart TVs, Windows RT Surface (using our rtRemote product available in the Windows app store), Android Smart Phones,  and many many more. Streaming of your iTunes music and videos over the internet while away from home – on holiday, at work, wherever – with the ability to select a suitable transcoding option for lower bandwidth connections Identifies which episodes in a TV series you have not already watched Plus all the great features already in iHomeServer version 2: Create multiple “Watch Folders” to synchr... [More]

12 Ways to Make an Airport Express More Reliable

So you've built a multi-room AirPlay setup; an Airport Express in every room hooked to a killer amp.  It's all working just great, but then just as you're about to woo the girl of your dreams by playing "Wonderful Tonight" simultaneously in every room of the house, you get the dreaded 'drop-out' or worse still, 'Bedroom Speakers' disappears from the speakers menu of your iPhone Remote App!

This post gives some hints and tips about how to get AirPlay working better, without dropouts so you get glitch free audio and video


Welcome to the bizmodeller blog

We have just launched this blog to post random musings on various subjects that we find interesting. Some may be related to our products and services but generally they will just be the things that make us scratch our heads and go : that's odd, that's cool or that's fascinating!