iHomeServer Pre-Release Available - internet metadata tagging, interactive iTunes launching, faster start-up time

The next major release of iHomeServer is now in feature-freeze and available from our beta/pre-release download site. Please note it is still going through additional testing; there will be a few minor releases to it before it is promoted to the main download site. Main features are: - Internet metadata lookup - plus AutoTagging of Movies and TV Series; Watch Folder AutoTagging - Interactive iTunes launch - launch full iTunes from the iHomeServer Console within your WHS RDP session - "Caching Playlists" - has been significantly sped up Download the pre-release now and let us have your feedback [More]

Internet metadata lookup for Tv / Movies - request for feedback

We are soon to be releasing an update to iHomeServer that will perform metadata queries direct from online metadata services. The feature will allow one click setting of episode / movie titles, descriptions, cover art, etc, so should save people lots of time and avoid the need for other tools in the rip-to-watch workflow. We currently have two services lined up - tagChimp and TheMovieDb.com. This post is really a request for feedback on whether iHomeServer users would like integration with any other Internet services? Let me know! Either through a comment here, email ([email protected]) or tweet (@bizmodeller)