HOWTO: Fix the "Add-in is already installed" error message on WHS v2011

iHomeServer v2 updates (for Windows Home Server 2011) should normally be installed simply by downloading and directly running the iHomeServer.wssx file from the Downloads area of the web site.  The installation process will automatically uninstall any previous versions and update your system to the latest version.  Any settings will be preserved including the registration of which user account will run the iHomeServer service.

However, once in a while, we receive a support ticket from a user who has had problems upgrading to the latest version. Typically the error says "The Add-in is already installed":


This is usually because the user has tried to remove iHomeServer from WHS by using Control Panel's Add/Remove programs instead of using the WHS Console - this can be confusing because this was the way you had to remove iHomeServer v1.  However, you never need to uninstall iHomeServer v2 from either WHSv1 or WHS2011 by using Add/Remove programs.  Instead, please click the appropriate 'Uninstall' button from the WHS Console.  This can be found in 'Settings' under the Addin link in WHSv1 or on the main Add-in tab in WHS 2011.

If you have uninstalled iHomeServer via Add/Remove programs on WHS 2011, you will likely receive the above error message if you then try to install a new version of iHomeServer via the WHS Console.

To resolve this, simply log back into the the WHS 2011 Console, click the Add-in tab, click 'iHomeServer' and click Uninstall (even though you have already uninstalled iHomeServer from Control Panel Add/Remove programs).

This will unregister the iHomeServer addin with WHS and allow you to reinstall the latest version.


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1/16/2012 3:47:44 AM #


The file in the Download Area is still Version not the V2.

Christoph Austria | Reply

1/28/2012 3:35:38 AM #


At the time, v2 was just available to our beta testers - apologies, the blog post wasn't particularly clear.  v2 is now available to all users through our main web-site - click here -

bizmodeller United Kingdom | Reply

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