Availability of pre-release versions of iHomeServer

Did you know that pre-release versions of iHomeServer that include upcoming features that are still going through final testing are regularly available on our beta download page?

These are available to any user who wishes to download them, although they are still subject to the same 30-day trial as the production iHomeServer release.

The current features being tested include:

  • Significantly improved handling of media when iTunes is set to "copy added media to the iTunes Media library" - no more false failures showing up
  • Importing of iTunes Media Library XML files from other instances of iTunes - automatic matching of data with your the instance of iTunes run by iHomeServer.  iHomeServer will then update ratings, play counts, last play dates and playlist membership - this is a great easy way of copying other iTunes metadata across from a personal computer to your iTunes server without having to do a full iTunes folder migration.
  • Ability to change the credentials of user iHomeServer runs iTunes as from the 'Settings' dialog
  • Ability to run other applications when iHomeServer launches iTunes - configurable to run either before or after iTunes is launched
  • Added ability to alter "Part of compilation" metadata within the metadata editor
As with any pre-release software, please backup your iTunes library and media prior to installation just to be safe.
Please also let us know of any issues you encounter, suggestions for new features, or improvements to usability by emailing [email protected] 

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