Accessing iTunes across a VPN

As most of you know, iHomeServer for iTunes provides a web interface that lets you access your iTunes library from most modern web devices such as PCs, tablets, smart phones, etc. Access to the web interface is limited to devices running on your local subnet because the connection is unencrypted and by default there is no authentication.

So what if you want to access your iTunes library remotely?

Well, we provide a secure way of doing this through our web site  After you have set up iHomeServer on your computer, you can create an account on and then login securely with those credentials.  You'll then be able to connect back to your home iHomeServer computer through a secure encrypted channel.

This works great for most users.  However, if you are an advanced user and access your home network via VPN you may not be able to access your iHomeServer's web interface at all.  This is because you'll probably be coming from a different subnet to the subnet hosting your iHomeServer.  iHomeServer will therefore redirect you back to StreamMyiTunes to try to authenticate you.

This behaviour is because iHomeServer determines which connections are in your local network by checking the subnet of the incoming request with the subnet of your iHomeServer.  Fortunately, you can tell iHomeServer about additional subnets which form part of your local network by adding a registry key.

You can find details of how to add this key here:





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