iHomeServer Version 1.2.3 released - now with iTunes 10.5 support

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 1.2.3 of iHomeServer.  There are two major improvements in this version:

- Support for iTunes 10.5 (including the wireless sync functionality for iOS 5 devices)

- Better power management supports

iTunes 10.5 has new features that allow it to wirelessly sync with iOS 5 devices - this functionality is supported by iHomeServer so now that your iTunes is "always-on", you'll be able to sync reliably all the time.  This adds to the benefits of iHomeServer, which already supports iTunes' AirPlay and HomeSharing functionality.

Previous versions of iHomeServer would poll your watched media folders every 15 minutes to look for changes.  Some users reported that this prevented disks from spinning down, therefore, the media change detection process has been redesigned to wait for Windows to notify of changes rather than to poll for them.  The Windows notification process is not perfect, therefore iHomeServer will still perform a full re-scan daily.

You can download the latest version of iHomeServer here.  The new version can be installed over the top of any existing versions.

Please email us if you have any issues with this update at [email protected]

Full release notes are available here

UPDATE: Some WHS users have reported that iHomeServer is not indexing video files with iTunes 10.5. This appears to be because iTunes 10.5 on WHS does not automatically install QuickTime correctly. Therefore if you experience this problem, you should manually install QuickTime on your WHS box before indexing your files with iHomeServer.

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