iHomeServer support for iTunes 11

We are getting a lot of emails about iHomeServer support for iTunes 11 so thought it was best to write a quick post on the current status.

iTunes 11 is not yet officially supported as we are still testing iHomeServer with iTunes 11 - however, we have so far found no problems.  We have also had a large number of existing and new users who have confirmed they have upgraded and seen no issues using the latest iHomeServer release ( with iTunes 11.  All key features (watch folders, AirPlay, Wifi sync, etc) should work ok.

We have, however, received two reports of issues which we are still trying to replicate.  Both relate to iTunes crashing within a few minutes of being started by iHomeServer due to a crash in webkit.dll.  These may be isolated incidents, but we are investigating further before stamping iHomeServer as iTunes 11 compatible.

In the meantime, whilst most users have had success simply upgrading iTunes, we would suggest the following steps to reduce the risk of any unexpected issues:

  • Make sure you have your latest backup available, in case you have any problems with iTunes 11
  • Uninstall iHomeServer first (don't worry your user settings, watch folder config, etc, won't be deleted)
  • Upgrade iTunes from an admin account on the desktop/server you use to run iTunes
  • Log in as the user you have told iHomeServer to use when it starts iTunes
  • Ensure you agree to the updated Terms and Conditions dialog
  • Close any tutorial window or 'What's new' windows
  • Ensure the library main window is open (i.e. do not leave it showing the iTunes Store)
  • Close iTunes and restart your computer.
  • Reinstall the latest version of iHomeServer and enter the same user account details you were originally using in order to restore your settings.
We may revise these instructions however, they should reduce the risk of any issues during the upgrade.
Please post your experiences with iHomeServer and iTunes 11 as a comment below.

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