BETA: iHomeServer 2.2.18 - now supports content rating, HD flag and extended iTunes properties

We have just updated the beta release of iHomeServer 2.2 to add support for content rating (eg PG-13, R, etc), the HD flag and extended iTunes properties such as Cast, Director, Producer, Studio, etc.

These properties aren't directly accessible within iTunes, however, are usually set on media you download from the iTunes Store.  iHomeServer now brings these tags to all your media!  Most of the tags are displayed on Apple TV; a subset are also displayed on iPhones/iPads.  iHomeServer allows these to be set in the normal metadata editor (which you can get to by double-clicking a file in the Watch Folder view, or selecting 'Get Info' from the right-click menu on either Watch Folder or iTunes tabs).  The extra fields are on the 'Video' tab - see for more info.

The additional metadata properties are also supported by AutoTag.

Content Rating allows you to apply a rating tag such as PG-13, U, R, TV-14, etc to your media.  Our implementation is particularly flexible because iHomeServer allows you to specify your preferred content rating system - eg the content rating for your own country (where supported).

The HD flag will now automatically be set for any movies whose vertical resolution is 720 pixels or greater.

Here's a screenshot of the new fields:


As always, the beta is available from our beta web-page

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