Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server Essentials 2012

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are actively working on some exciting developments and approximate timescales for up and coming releases.

Those of you who have used Windows Home Server as your server platform will no doubt have heard the news that Microsoft is ending the Windows Home Server line and instead replacing it with Windows Home Server 2012 Essentials at a much higher price.  Many users will likely migrate over to Windows 8 instead due to its significantly cheaper price point.

Fortunately, iHomeServer is now supported under Windows 8 and provides an excellent platform upon which to run a standalone headless instance of iTunes on a Windows 8 based desktop or home server.  The latest version of iHomeServer ( at time of writing) installs as a desktop app on Windows 8.  For those of you who have used Windows Home Server previously, the iHomeServer tabs you see in the Windows Home Server Dashboard are available under Windows 8 in a dedicated management console called the 'iHomeServer Management Console' available in the Windows 8 Start Menu.

We are also working hard to provide iHomeServer support for Windows Home Server 2012 Essentials.  Note that, whilst not supported, the current version of iHomeServer should install on this platform, however, the add-in interface is not yet available in the current release.  So, as with Windows 8, you will need to configure and monitor iHomeServer using the iHomeServer Management Console application installed in the Start menu.  We are planning to release an update to iHomeServer to provide Windows Home Server 2012 Essentials Dashboard support very shortly.

As usual, we are very keen for any users who would like to beta test our early releases.  If you are interested in getting access to an early version of the Windows Home Server 2012 Essentials version of iHomeServer, then please let us know by emailing [email protected] 

Please note at we have no plans to stop supporting Windows Home Server v1 and Windows Home Server 2011 at the current time!





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