iHomeServer Version 2 - now with native Windows Home Server support - Sneak Preview!

We are pleased to announce that that we are currently in final testing of iHomeServer v2 which is a major upgrade for the iHomeServer application. This will be a free upgrade for all existing registered users.

If you would like to beta test this version please email us at support@bizmodeller.com



We will announce further details shortly, however, as a sneak preview, the following functionality will be available:

  • Slick User Interface - view Watch Folders, status of indexing, track data, review Cover Art, etc
  • Native integration with the WHS Management Console - support for both Windows Home Server v1 and Windows Home Server 2011
  • View your whole iTunes library and playlists directly within the Windows Home Server Console!
  • Standalone GUI Console for non-WHS Windows editions 
  • Native 64-bit code on appropriate Operating Systems (inc WHS 2011)
  • Manual rescanning of folders or files on demand through the User Interface
  • Different scan modes - watch, poll or manual - available per Watch Folder
  • Essential iTunes playlist management from within the console (inc within the WHS Management Console) - add/remove tracks from playlists, create/delete playlists, etc
  • Metadata editing of iTunes tracks - just like the 'Get Info' button within iTunes
  • Improved set up process - including validating that iTunes or QuickTime is installed
  • Automatic iHomeServer upgrade checking (optional)


 We are currently beta testing this version. If you would like to participate in the beta test programme for this version please email us at support@bizmodeller.com

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1/4/2012 10:17:31 AM #

Jason Hodges

From the sounds of it, this is exactly what I have been looking for... Especially if the screenshot is accurate and it will also support movies.

Looking forward to this purchase!!!


Jason Hodges Germany | Reply

1/6/2012 5:32:53 PM #


Yep, screen shot is real and it does support movies including AirPlaying or Home Sharing them to an Apple TV for example.

Drop us a mail to support@bizmodeller.com if you would like to beta test it!



bizmodeller United Kingdom | Reply

1/23/2012 12:09:16 PM #


Any ETA on when this addin will be available for WHS 2011? Like to get this going once it's out of Beta.


Dan United States | Reply

1/23/2012 12:57:00 PM #


Hey Dan - We're getting very close now to closing beta - hopefully within the next week or two!

bizmodeller United Kingdom | Reply

1/28/2012 3:37:38 AM #


We've just released iHomeServer v2 now - so it is available for download from the main web site - click here for further information www.bizmodeller.com/iHomeServer_for_iTunes.aspx


bizmodeller United Kingdom | Reply

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